Set yourself adrift on Aruba. 

As your personal concierge, let Terra Escapes breathe life into your Aruban island escape. Our young team of local entrepreneurs specialize in crafting unique itineraries suited to your desires and infused with local secrets and experiences. 

Established in 2020, Terra Escapes has been transforming Aruban tourism with its fresh new take on the concierge experience. From exquisite nomadic adventures to luxurious tranquility escapes. Your hearts desires are met by Terra Escapes. 

Owned and operated by a team of young local entrepreneurs, Terra Escapes is the first to practice eco-luxury tourism to Aruba. Expanding Aruba’s tourism horizons, while improving the lives of those that live here is our greatest ambition. As major advocates of conscious travel, we want to inspire a revolution in the way that visitors experience Aruba. Terra Escapes is the bridge for those who want to be immersed in Aruba’s full light, soaking in the warmth of Aruban culture, people, and nature. 

Why float down the mainstream, when escaping with Terra could be so exciting?